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Emulation – turn your PowerPC Mac into a time travelling machine

Admittedly, I’ve never been a big fan of emulation. I always prefered the “real thing”. Two things have recently changed my opinion: Lack of money/place and a new Super Nintendo style USB controller. Many people don’t know, but there are … Continue reading

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A browser for the future

Ok, now this posting is a must because there is no way that if you’re still using Tiger 10.4 that you could ignore Cameron Kaiser’s TenFourFox. Obviously, over the past decade or so, the browser has become the most important … Continue reading

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Airport Extreme Card Adventure

Just when you think you know everything about upgrading your machine (“been there, done that“) you find out something new. I have to admit that thanks to my wonderful Linksys WET610N ethernet bridge I’ve never felt the urge to really … Continue reading

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Open Source Games for 10.4 Tiger

Open Source is a cool concept. Open Source games are even cooler, because they let you change all the parameters you’d like. There wasn’t really much of a big open source games scene on the Mac in the past, however, … Continue reading

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DragThing – one utility to rule them all

Today I’m gonna tell you about one of my favorite utilities for Tiger. Frankly, I have never been too happy with Apple’s dock in OSX. While everyone cheered Apple for the introduction of it, I always felt it was too … Continue reading

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It was six years ago…

Time sure flies by. Wasn’t it just yesterday, when Apple launched Mac OSX Tiger (or simply: 10.4) for our Macintosh computers? I remember April 29th, 2005. I was one of the “early adaptors” of Tiger. The initial version was still … Continue reading

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