DragThing – one utility to rule them all

Today I’m gonna tell you about one of my favorite utilities for Tiger.

Frankly, I have never been too happy with Apple’s dock in OSX. While everyone cheered Apple for the introduction of it, I always felt it was too unflexible and incomplete. Why is it always centered? Why can’t I put folders into it? Why doesn’t it offer multiple layers? Why can’t I change its look?

DragThing DockWell, DragThing does that. In short, it is a highly-customizable dock that you can alter in shape and size as YOU desire. You may also put it whereever you want on the screen. You can put shortcuts to your games into it or to your most important software. You can also place shortcuts to single documents or even entire folders into it. Flexibility is the keyword here. And you get the process window back – something many of you may remember from the good ol’ Classic Mac OS day. (not to mention a freely moveable trashcan. Yay!)

Trash can of dragthingDragThing has been around for more than 15 years now as shareware. That means that you can download a copy freely to see if you like it, and if you decide to use it, you should pay for your copy. In return for paying you will receive a serial number which will disable the reminder message at startup, and enable some extra features including floating dock windows and hot keys to open dock items.

The latest version of DragThing is 5.9.6, which is available as universal binary, still supports Mac OSX Tiger. Kudos to the author, James Thomson, for that. The 29 $ (20 Euros) he asks for a single user licence may seem pricy at first, but then again this will soon become as indispensable for you as it is for me now. And well worth the money. In fact, I’ve always wondered why Apple never bought DragThing and integrated it into future OSX versions.

More info & download: http://www.dragthing.com/

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