Open Source Games for 10.4 Tiger

Open Source is a cool concept. Open Source games are even cooler, because they let you change all the parameters you’d like. There wasn’t really much of a big open source games scene on the Mac in the past, however, things have been picking up during recent years.

One of the hassle of looking for Open Source games is that it is hard to get an overview on what’s available. And even if you’re lucky to find an updated list of games, they usually lack info on system requirements, making it quite a bit of a try & error game.

Well, what can I say? Not anymore. The Mac Game Scout is here. It’s basically an overview of available freeware and open source games for the Mac. What justifies it’s appearance in this blog is the fact that they’re offering a filter to show you PPC-only games. 99% of them run in 10.4 Tiger. There are more than a hundred games awaiting you there. Totally free. Just one download away.

Paradise for Mac gamers:

* Note that most open source games are usually not very optimized performance-wise. Which isn’t really much of a problem if you’re sitting in front of a 2 Ghz G5, but you may be out of luck with your 500 Mhz G3 iMac.

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