A browser for the future

Ok, now this posting is a must because there is no way that if you’re still using Tiger 10.4 that you could ignore Cameron Kaiser’s TenFourFox.

Obviously, over the past decade or so, the browser has become the most important software on your computer. We use it for surfing the web, file transfer, watching videos, playing games and so forth. Lack of any modern browser support is likely to be a death sentence for any platform. So naturally, when Apple, Mozilla and all the others announced they wouldn’t support either Tiger and/or the PowerPC architecture anymore with their upcoming browser versions, one man came to the rescue – Cameron Kaiser.

Now most Retro Mac Fans probably heard this name before, as Mr. Kaiser is the mastermind behind Classilla. Classilla is a browser for the good old classic Mac OS that manages to render most pages correctly and allows us to continue using our old OS 8/9 boxes for light web-surfing. And this guy doesn’t even charge a penny for the countless hours he invested into coding. Seriously, this guy is my personal hero.

So why is that important for Tiger users? Well, back in autumn 2010, Cameron started experimenting with backporting Mozilla code (“Firefox”) to the PPC plattform. TenFourFox 4.0 was the result. Essentially a heavily modified Firefox 4, optimized to run on PowerPC Macs with 10.4 Tiger (and 10.5 Leo as well).

Well, what can I say? It’s not only running, it’s running incredibly well on my Dual 2 Ghz PowerMac G5. In fact, it has become the fastest browser for 10.4 even on low-spec systems and works absolutely reliable. Cameron, who I really like for his wonderful we-don’t-let-Steve-dictacte-us-what-to-do rebel mentality, achieved great improvements with the javascript engine. Which is a cool thing, since web 2.0 is all about javascript / ajax.

As for the future, Cameron plans to continue development as long as the new Mozilla code can be adopted for 10.4 Tiger. But even if one day a backport is no longer possible, TenFourFox will continue to serve us as a great browser that will work with the vast majority of websites for years to come.

So TenFourFox is the browser of choice and an absolutely recommended download for everyone using a PowerPC Macintosh running 10.4 or 10.5.

*Note TenFourFox & Classilla websites are currently offline due to a provider change. The development blog and the download at code.google are still available.

Official Website: http://www.tenfourfox.com/
Download @ Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/tenfourfox/
TenFourFox Dev Blog: http://tenfourfox.blogspot.com/

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5 Responses to A browser for the future

  1. mel says:

    TenFourFox works like a charm on my G3 based Apple iBook 700 with 10.4.11.

    • Dave says:

      would you be willing to post a video of that on youtube for all of us? I am G3 less at the moment, and often tell G3 users to try tenfourfox, but am unsure how well it works. If you have 8.0 you could show us how the quicktime enabler works….

  2. aviradima says:

    I think that’s no true..
    i’n happy ibookG4 osx10.4.8 user, i’ve try this app and NEVER run,from 10.0.4 version to the last 17.xx(i don’t remember..).
    I have downloaded the right one 4 my architecture and all the time it tell: the application is not for this version of osx!
    maybe run on G4 ppc, but with leopard…
    Some one have my problem?

    • Dave says:

      2 and a half years late, but if someone else has the same problem:
      2016 now y’all. Donald Trump is the likely Republican nominee. An ancient Jewish Socialist is almost beating Hillary Clinton to the Democratic Party nomination. And he isn’t even a Democrat! And, in other news…..Tenfourfox is still at source parity with Firefox. But not for long. Next stop Feature parity, then Security parity, then….oblivion. Will someone from the future please tell us when the last PowerPC diehard stops using tenfourfox to check their gmail? I think it will be November 19 2019. Otherwise known as Blade Runner day.

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