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Overlooked gem of Mac gaming: Summoner

The reason there had been lesser updates during the past few weeks is credited to one particular game: Summoner. I had always been looking for it when it came out for the Mac back in 2001 but first couldn’t pay … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces #1

I decided that from time to time I’ll pack all the little info that I got my hands on in one single “bits and pieces” entry. I’d like to start our new tradition by pointing out Amit Singhs excellent article … Continue reading

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My old buddy, PowerBook G4

Today I’d like to introduce you to my old buddy, Mr. PowerBook G4. We’ve been good friends for a looong time. Until now, I haven‘t managed to write about it and entirely focussed on telling y‘all about my Dual 2 … Continue reading

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The Dashboard

If you go back to my initial posting here on August 3rd, 2011 you’ll find a remark about the dashboard being a memory hog. That is so true. Especially if you’re operating on anything less than 512 MB of RAM, … Continue reading

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Yep, we’re still alive …

So here comes another post, finally. And I promise, it won’t contain any words about the recent passing away of a certain person. Mostly, because I feel that everything has been said  already and there is nothing to add. If … Continue reading

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