Yep, we’re still alive …

So here comes another post, finally. And I promise, it won’t contain any words about the recent passing away of a certain person. Mostly, because I feel that everything has been said  already and there is nothing to add. If you do want to read about it, I recommend this article, since it pretty much sums up what I think too.

In case you guys wondered where I have disappeared to lately – well, work, work, work. Seriously. Private life has been pretty hectic over the past few weeks. And in my rare spare time I wrote this article over on LowEndMac, suggesting the PowerPC Mac community to roll up its sleeves and get something going. We have great computers, a great operating system and a great community. Why shouldn’t we be able to extend the life of our machines for few more years?

Also, I’ve been spending some of my free time fixing typos in old blogposts of mine. English is not my native language and thus some sentences may sound a bit awkward. Don’t hesitate to tell me. Seriously. Just to give you an idea on what challenge we Germans have to stand up to when learning English, take a look here.

And now I will switch on my 9-year-old PowerBook G4, booting 10.4 Tiger, listening to my favorite internet radio and typing a new blogpost while enjoying a nice cup of espresso. See you soon 🙂

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