Bits and pieces #1

I decided that from time to time I’ll pack all the little info that I got my hands on in one single “bits and pieces” entry.

I’d like to start our new tradition by pointing out Amit Singhs excellent article on MacOSX. This one already came out in 2003 and I regret I haven’t found it any earlier. If you have a bit of an interest for the technical background, Amit gives a very well explanation about the architecture of OS X. Even yours truly is able to follow him. Must be really good then.

Meanwhile I’ve downloaded and installed the latest beta version of TenFourFox. The team is doing an amazing job in porting the recent Mozilla releases to the PowerPC platform. It’s fast, it’s pretty, it’s capable. Only downside to me is that they deactivate Flash by default. Which is a pity, because even though PPC Macs are stuck at Flash 10.1, I can still watch all the stuff on youtube flawlessly my PowerMac G5. Luckily, you can manually reactivate Flash. Just type about:config into the URL field and confirm the warning. You get to see a long list with all the guts of TenFourFox. Feel like a hacker? 🙂 now either use the filter search or scroll down to tenfourfox.plugins.enabled and set the value to True by clicking on it. (True = activated)

If you carefully read my last blog entry about my buddy PowerBook G4, you’ll come across a statement of mine saying that I still enjoy messing around with Mac OS 9. Well, that’s true. And Adam Williams gives a good reason for why that is fun. Although he refuses to boot it natively (which I strongly prefer).

Did you know you can watch episodes of the epic Computer Chronicles with Stewart Cheifet online? Episodes dating back to the early 80s are online. I keep watching 1-2 episodes every evening on my PowerBook and it is one awesome nostalgic trip. Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for a blast from the past! My favorites episodes so far:

1985: The new Macintosh
1993: The new Color Classic, LC III, PowerBook Duo 230, Centris 650 & Quadra 800
1998: The new iMac / Return of Steve Jobs

All episodes are available for download.

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One Response to Bits and pieces #1

  1. Dave says:

    I am old enough to remember watching computer chronicles the first time around. It’s funny how quickly technology seems antiquated. In twenty years we will be chuckling at clunky looking ipads and iphones. The world will be all Siri driven by then.
    Your blog is great, as are your articles. Please keep posting regularly, the PPC world needs more blogs like this.

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