Overlooked gem of Mac gaming: Summoner

The reason there had been lesser updates during the past few weeks is credited to one particular game: Summoner.

I had always been looking for it when it came out for the Mac back in 2001 but first couldn’t pay the full version and later on never found a used copy. Sales must have been really bad with this one. I expect that is because they only published a version for Mac OS 9. No OS X native version, no carbon, no let’s-make-this-a-OS X-game update. A real pity, since Summoner  is a great classic Role-Playing Game for the Macintosh and it runs perfectly fine in full speed & full screen using classic mode of 10.4 on my Dual 2 Ghz PowerMac G5.

I am by no means a Pro Gamer so all you Xbox kiddies nagging about the dated graphics (yes, it’s a polygon hell!) go away, please. If the clunky graphics don’t offend you, you’ll be experiencing an entertaining game. You play as a guy with mysterious powers (he can summon creatures), hunted by the evil emperor. So basically you travel around the fantasy realm, attempting to find new party members, fighting a lot of monsters (in real-time), upgrading your equipment and chating with town folks to learn more about what’s actually going on. Lots of sidequests here. There is also the occasional puzzle, some of which can be pretty hard. (Khosari Labyrinth, I curse you!)

Nevertheless, this is a very entertaining game. You can easily spend nights fighting off the evil emperor’s lackeys. But best news is that this one can be obtained for free from the Macintosh Garden. In order to play you are required to burn two discs (which can be easily done using Toast, also to be obtained from the mentioned website). Just make sure you have enough horsepower to run this one as classic mode in OS X needs a lot of it. I wouldn’t try playing Summoner on anything less than a fast G4 with plenty of RAM and a good graphics card.

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2 Responses to Overlooked gem of Mac gaming: Summoner

  1. “No OS X native version, no carbon, no let’s-make-this-a-OS X-game update”

    Ahh, but you see.. .I’ve been running it on OSX 10.7 🙂 Made my own Cider Port

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