iShowU – desktop recording for 10.4 Tiger

While looking through my last blog entries I noticed we haven’t looked into some cool shareware for a while. Expect some short reviews to come up soon. The first one will be about  *rataplan*  iShowU.

iShowU and me crossed path when I was in need of explaining my mother how to do some setup on her Mac. She can use a browser and e-mailing software but when it comes to more sophisticated tasks, she is clueless. So I could have either written her a loooong e-mail with detailed explanation – or simply record a video from my desktop while performing the needed task. Guess what, I voted for the second option.

Initially I was looking for a freeware solution, as we always do in such cases. Unfortunately, my search dug up nothing useful. Finally, I landed on the website of developer Shiny White Box and was immediately struck by the looks of their program “iShowU”. It contains a lot of features but yet seemed so easy to use. After goofing around with the demo version for a bit, I decided to bite the bug and spent the 20 Dollars. What can I say? This was one of the best shareware investments I had ever done.

Basically, iShowU (last version for 10.4 Tiger is v 1.88) allows to record whatever part of your desktop. Of course, you may also record the entire thing. You choose among lots of different resolutions, the quality of the video and whether or not you’d like to record system audio as well. So this is also cool if you’d like to record you playing a game for putting it up on YouTube. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it may also allow the recording of DVD movies while they play on your Mac. I’ll post an update once I had a chance to try that.

I’ve used iShowU both on my G5 PowerMac and on my 800 Mhz TiBook and it runs very well on both. In fact, I was suprised it would perform so well on my old TiBook. If you’re looking for a way to create tutorial videos, gameplay videos, capturing youtube videos on your hard disk etc. etc. – iShowU is a must. Recommended!

More info: Official Website

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