Bits and Pieces #2

As you may have guessed from the missing blog posts over the past three weeks, I’ve been fairly busy. Yes, again. Reason number one was that I discovered the blog of my fellow PowerPC user Dan. I had to read up on all the entries and highly recommend them.

The second reason were the two articles that I wrote for LowEndMac. One was an interview with Alexander Clauss, creator of the iCab browser. The second article describes my search for a way to watch YouTube Videos on my 800 Mhz TiBook. Have a look, it works fine for me. Try it out yourself on your old hardware. I would particularly be interested in feedback on how YouView and the Quicktime Enabler are doing on G3 machines.

Once you have finished reading and you want to try it out yourself, search for this fantastic video named Il était une fois… les technologies du passé. A french journalist showed today’s kids some of the 80s and 90s technology. It was appalling to see that someone could take a floppy disk for a digital camera. But then again, we grow old. (hey, are those your bushels of hair on the floor!?)

I also recommend watching the Winsongs 95 video, a parody on Windows 95 made by Apple employee Dave Garr (must have been funny days in Cupertino). The video was originally handed out on some developer CDs and made its way onto the internet. It always makes me laugh, just like another legendary piece from Dave Garr called I Think We’re A Clone Now.  Ah well, back in the day it was so easy to tell that we were on the good side. Remember those days the next time you try to delete that forced Mac AppStore item from your Apple menu …

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6 Responses to Bits and Pieces #2

  1. the videos it’s really funny and your blog is awesome!

  2. TigerOSX says:

    Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate it. Sad to read on your blog that your iBook went belly-up. Hope you’ll be able to find a replacement soon. We can’t afford to lose another PPC Mac family member 🙂

  3. Dave says:

    Your piece on was informative, hopefully it will inspire others to not toss their PowerPC macs. Also had to go look up that North Korean military parade. Holy Stalinist weapons of mass destruction batman!
    I have discovered two other methods of playing webvideo, I’ve posted them in comments on PowerPC luddites blog, and combined with the other methods you went over they make almost all webvideo (even HD) accessible to my ibook G4 1.25 ghz. Basically you use two extensions in tenfourfox, downloadhelper and flashvideoreplacer. Flashvideoreplacer only works on a limited number of sites like youtube, but I have yet to find a site (well, other than proprietary sites like bbc or hulu) where downloadhelper can’t see the flash or mp4 file. Flash needs to be installed for download helper to work, though I also use flashblock to cut down on the annoying ads and cpu cycles. Both extensions load buttons in the address bar of tenfourfox, clicking on them will bring up submenus that show available video files with different quality levels, either for download, or to copy the url of the video. Copy the url is the most helpful, once that is selected you can open VLC, Niceplayer (my current favorite), or quicktime and paste and streaming video appears. Quicktime enabler does the same thing, but as you noted it doesn’t always load the video the first time. These methods work first time everytime, and in far more sites than youtube. In order to play HD you repeat the above but you also need Coreplayer, its 20 bucks but SO worth it. One can also start an HD download in mactubes and drop it onto Coreplayer, it will then stream. Your 800mhz Tibook may not be able to stream 720p, but it might.
    I also highly reccomend XMBC. Its a little buggy but the quality is staggering on my ibook, Al Jazzerra in HD is something to behold on a seven year old ibook.
    You have a great blog, I also agree PPC luddite is must reading, and funny as hell, if you are the sort who likes RISC humor.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi, thanks for the link! I liked your Youtube article. I’m always a big fan of documentaries on North Korea in a macabre, jaw-on-the-floor way. It reminds me I’ll have to watch more.

  5. benn says:

    Very nice Page, stiil @Tiger on a 12″ PBook. Any alternatives to Safari 4.1.3 with Glims?
    Looking for a mid2012 macbook13″ would be smarter, i know 😉

  6. benn says:

    PS: Thank you very much for the bin/bash solution for no more supported systems 😀

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