A word of warning: Beware OCZ SSDs …

Recently I had the “pleasure” of acquiring one of OCZ’s Solid-State-Drives (SSD). A Vertex Plus 30GB to be precisely. I also ordered a 3,5″ mounting frame so that the 2,5″ SSD would fit into my PowerMac G5 drive slot. As a matter of fact, I never got any use out of it.

My trouble began right after installing the SSD, when I tried to clone the 10.5 Leopard partition I had recently installed for testing purposes (more soon). I was using a wonderful program named SuperDuper which I found to be excellent for cloning (bootable) drives.

However, SuperDuper failed utterly right after the start, reporting an error. I was surprised, since I never had any problem with cloning drives before – not even onto the SSD in my 800 Mhz PowerBook. Ah well, …

I decided to insert my Leopard system disc, formatting the SSD all again and then installing Leo. To make a long story short – it wouldn’t work. And – as a last try – also Ubuntu 10.4 would become desperate when partitioning the drive.

Clueless I decided to ask almighty Google for help and as it looks, I’m far from being the only person having serious problems with OCZ SSDs. I wrote to the dealer who sold me the SSD, supplying links and information about the high failure rate. First they offered to replace the SSD with another OCZ Vertex Plus. Haha, no way I ever let one of those touch my PowerMac again! Finally they agreed to refund the money after they’ll receive the SSD. As I write this, I’m in the process of packing the SSD for shipping. My first and last OCZ SSD – Thumbs down! And what’s your experience with OCZ?

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10 Responses to A word of warning: Beware OCZ SSDs …

  1. Yannick says:

    Same problems here with ocz vertex plus and imag g5 powermac. Do you know which SSD works in this machine? Whould be happy for an answer!

  2. TigerOSX says:

    Yannick, I posted this roughly two weeks ago and went to send back my SSD for refund. I haven’t heard back from my dealer but I suppose they have a lot of After-Christmas work.

    Regarding the SSDs – you should be fine with the OWC stuff. They specialize in quality upgrades for (older) Macs. Their OWC Mercury Extreme Pro is said to be excellent, unfortunately I have not yet found a European distributor of OWC stuff. But if you live in America I definitely recommend picking up one of those.

  3. TigerOSX says:

    okay, a short addition: I found out that http://www.apfelklinik.de/ is the general distributor of OWC products in Germany. That might help you, Yannick?

  4. GS says:

    I had the same problems with my Vertex2 Plus 64GB (bought in Dec 2011). After 2,5 Days of testing and searching for solutions, it turned out, that the problem is the compatibility of that SSD to the “SATA I” standard!!! My Vertex2 Plus had the Firmware 3.50 (shown in system profiler). OCZ released a firmware update that addressed this issue: It is Firmware 3.55. After upgrading the Firmware (you need a PC for that – best an SATA II controller – as the updater runs under DOS) the SSD works great under Tiger on an ACARD SATA-IDE Bridge (SATA I to PATA 133) in an old UMAX Pulsar Mac Clone. So this should also work in a G5 😉

  5. Mike says:

    In spite of vociferous corporate hype, SSD is not a mature technology any more than hard drives were in 1988. Wait 2 or 3 more years; either they will be in everything, cheap and ubiquitous. Or they’ll be on the scrap heap like zipdisks. Many more end users must beat on them and producers of them must adapt them based on criticism which can only be obtained from use in the field.
    Ever notice how brand-new reviews of brand-new products so often differ from the user comments that accumulate over months and years?

    Based on the performance/reliability of the cheap USB memory devices, I would not store anything important for any length of time on flash media.

    I just don’t want to bet my data and be an early adopter. That said, it would be ironic as all hell if my old-fashioned spinning hard drive got corrupted due to failing RAM.

  6. I’m using an OCZ Agility 3 120GB in my Dual 2.3 G5 and it works fine, except for that it’s slower than the Vertex II I’m using in the MacBook Pro.
    I still can’t imagine SATA-II making such a difference as the SSD mainly scores at access speed (no seek-time)

  7. Bruce says:

    I just bought an OCZ SSDNow 200 V+. My Powermac G5 flatly refuses to even see the drive. Anyone have a fix for this? I hate having to return hardware.

  8. Que2 says:

    The current drives of OCZ are not recommendable for a G5, much less a regular PC either. With the market competition they are focused on performance rather than reliability. A candle burning twice as bright, lasts half as long.
    I am typing this from my G5 with my perfectly stable 32GB OCZ-VERTEX (Original Release) before OCZ drives went to crap. The earlier OCZ drives firmware was better and they spent more time focusing on stability and reliability rather than trying to match or trump other vendors performance.
    OWC may be compatible but I think they are purveyors of overpriced products and cater to the regular MAC market who do not mind overpriced products. However I find with enough research you can get larger capacity and quality without sacrificing compatibility, you just have to be careful before you leap.
    Watching your old G5 boot up within seconds is a experience that should not be missed. It truly breaths new life into an old system. However, I still have a second regular 500GB hard drive for my secondary storage and have used carbon copy cloner to backup my SSD in case it fails or dies.
    But I am happy with the G5 being my primary machine.

    • Que2 says:

      Perhaps I was too hard on OWC for their pricing. It looks like they have opened up a high and low end line of their SSDs. Also I did not realize that this is a “Manufactured in the USA” company, that would drive up their costs and it would be hard to compete with non-domestic company’s rock bottom prices. I may give them a second look when I am looking for more storage, if not just to support a USA company. Sometimes price is not the only factor. 🙂

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