Another new game for our “obsolete system”

When was the last time you remember a PowerPC exclusive Mac game was released? Well yeah, it has been some time. However, there are still good-spirited folks out there porting new software to our “obsolete systems”. One of them goes by the nickname “xeno74” and just finished porting the platform game “Open Surge”.

I rushed for the download and I got to say that it is really a good game. Apart from most open source games, it appears to be polished and comes with a nice intro movie. As old timers, we also recognize that this game bears a slight resemblance of the original Genesis (Mega Drive) game Sonic the Hedgehog.

I haven’t tried how this one works performance-wise on my 800Mhz TiBook, but on my G5 it runs perfectly fine with smooth graphics and sound. According to xeno74, it will run on every OSX system from 10.3.9 and up.

Download from here:

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