Nomen est Omen – Super Duper

If you happen to know Latin you may guess that I’m going to sing the praises of something now. And you’re quite right, because Super Duper is really super duper.

Super Duper! is one of the best utilities for the Mac if you do have a lot of important files that you regularly need to backup. Super Duper mirrors your hard disk to an (external) drive and might even make it bootable. That sets it apart from Apple’s Timeback machine which was introduced with 10.5 Leopard. Remember the days when we were copying the classic Mac OS system folder to a new hard disk and it would simply run without a new installation? Super Duper! does that for OSX.

Apart from the features, it is fast and easy to use. The shareware fee of 25$ is very well deserved, though you may try out Super Duper! for an unlimited amount of time until you decide to register. The most recent version 2.6.4 does still support 10.4.11. Kudos to developer Shirt-Pocket for support the Tiger!  If you rely on regular updates, Super Duper is a must-have.

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One Response to Nomen est Omen – Super Duper

  1. ApplePower says:

    SyncTwoFolders is also an interesting piece of software: you can find older versions here

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