Bits and Pieces #3

Time for another bits & pieces! I’ve been fairly busy (again), a big project at work keeps me from spending too much time on the internet. However, I came across this interesting piece from a former intel employee in which he states his take on PowerPC architecture and why it was unable to keep up with Intel. Interesting read.

Another reason I haven’t been able to post anything useful for two weeks is that I wrote another article on LowEndMac about the PowerMac G5 being the economical Mac of 2012.

Meanwhile I have been contacted by the makers of Marball Odyssey, which appears to be a fun little game. Haven’t tried it out yet though. Might do right after this post, if I can convince the Ms. to postpone the groceries. Anyway, Sunday Coders (the makers) specifically made a PowerPC version of Marball Odyssey (kudos to them) and kindly ask PPC users to try it out and sending in some feedback.

Last week also marked the release of TenFourFox 10, the PowerPC port of FireFox. Cameron Kaiser and his team really deserve a thumbs up for their continuing support of our PPC Tiger machines. I’m still stuck at version 8 though, because I found it the best solution regarding speed & compatibility. I am, however, tempted to upgrade soon. Anyone of you already using 10 and recommending it?

Other than that I’d like to point your attention to a podcast that I’ve been a regular listener to for more than a year now. It’s just excellent entertainment while commuting (work <-> home) While not exactly related to Tiger 10.4 the Retro Computing Roundtable is for all of us interested in the old machines. Whether you’re an old veteran like myself or a younger user who is interested in “how it all started”, give it a try.

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3 Responses to Bits and Pieces #3

  1. Yup. Already on TFF 10.0 and happy about it. Cameron and his coder suite did very good job. On 1st generation 2.0GHz PM G5 it performs really well under Panther.

  2. Dave says:

    Yes, using Tenfourfox 10.0.1 (chemspill release, fixes a security issue). Works much better than 9, which was significantly slower than 8. I can recommend the upgrade.

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