A final farewell …

If you have followed this blog regularly you’ll have noticed that new entries became rarer and rarer over the past months. Well, it is not due to a lack of interest in Tiger OSX on my side. (Yes, my PowerMac G5 and my PowerBook G4 are still alive and well.)

It’s more along the line of “increasing duties with family and job”. I’ve also been hooked on games again. (as you probably noticed reading the last entries in this blog)

I haven’t been playing much for nearly a decade and boy, I really missed some gems of Macintosh Gaming! When I stop playing all games seemed so dull and uninteresting and now I’m having really big fun playing Age of Empires III, Tropico, Ankh, Chicago 1930 and many more.

So instead of blogging and surfing the Mac side of the Internet, I spend my free time playing all those Macintosh PowerPC games I missed the last years. As a result, my interest somehow shifted towards Macintosh Gaming and – gasp – instead of writing here, I started to write mac game reviews. Yes, curse you Mr. tigerosx!!

So, what is all about? Tigerosx is going on hiatus for the foreseeable future. I decided to put this announcement up since I hate it when blogs or podcasts stop updating without notice. I will leave the blog online and open for comments, so you’re still invited to comment entries (some interesting posts there already).

Other than that, don’t expect any updates in the near future. That said, take care and keep enjoying our PowerPC Macs for as long as they last!

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9 Responses to A final farewell …

  1. curren1 says:

    Think I’m sad…lol.. The PowerPc world is losing another warrior..really enjoyed all the content you put up here. Really helped me find a lot of the stuff I needed to keep my PPC’s running smoothly..Thanks for the time and effort you put into this blog, family first. Its hard to blog about something you lose interest in so I def hear that. Hopefully you come back one day, but until that day good luck with your other endeavors….Thanks again.
    Thanks for the heads up, I too hate it when bloggers abandon their work and dont let anyone know

  2. 😦 Too bad! Anyway take care!

  3. Cimi says:

    Interest in PowerPC macs seems to be fading fast….posts on the macrumors forum are falling off, tenfourfox development blog is silent other than Cameron’s updates. Sad. Taylor at mymaccollection is doing tons to keep the flame alive, but the oxygen is being sucked out of the powerpc ecosytem quick it seems. I myself have gone 90% Linux, I still use the ol ibook G4, but its mostly for legacy software now.

    So I guess you won’t be writing anything else for Lowendmac either? They only trawl other powerpc mac sites now anyway, its all intel and ios over there. I don’t even bother going to lowendmac anymore.” Low end intel mac” is a contradiction in terms.

  4. jello says:

    just discovered your blog…hopefully you’ll come back. Came here because I still using my powerbookg4 and powermacg5 as my main workstations. But my Ubuntu box start to get more love lately. I’ll go read your archives !

  5. Macadoshis says:

    Shane! Come back!

  6. This is very sad as another PowerPC blogger is leaving. I hope that the PowerPC will still be able to survive for some reasonable time before it becomes unheard of. After all this hard work, I wish you really good luck in life. You really deserved it, fellow Tiger.

  7. PowerMac4Ever says:

    Thanks for all the interesting articles!

  8. AmigaFan says:

    Computers with powerPC on board have a soul not like Intel or ARM. I hope that comunity of powerpc will be still alive 🙂

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