Yours truly is a 36-year old Mac enthusiast from Bavaria, Southern Germany. (Oktoberfest, yay)

Being first exposed to Macs during the early 90s and throughout the System 7 era, it took this author a few more years until he could afford his first own Mac. Since then, he successfully withstood temptations from the dark side of the force and stayed a loyal Mac follower up to this day. Although he is using a Blackberry Smartphone with Android now. (…don’t tell anyone!)


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  1. Ozzy says:


    I’ve just uploaded a Beta version of Marball Odyssey for PowerPC 😉
    ( http://sundaycoders.alotspace.com/download.html )
    As i haven’t got this kind of hardware myself while mainly using an emulator (Pearpc) for dev and basic testing any help for the PPC community is greatly appreciated! ^^

    Please spread the word about it , people can contact me by email!



    webmasters data:

  2. Mark says:

    Great Website!!!
    I agree with the fact that Tiger should never be Obsolete. Even though Windows sucks, The support for it is really good. I hate the way that most Apps (like Google Chrome) won’t run on Tiger but will run on XP

  3. Unix_Freak says:

    I’m into IT for over 20 years and some year ago i bought myself an Power Mac G4 800Mhz/1.12Gb RAM/Tiger 10.4.11, i’m writing this message from it… runs pretty nice for a 10 years old bugger except that darn flash and some new web pages that are parsing slow…

  4. Colin says:

    Hello! I have an old imac, running tiger, and I want to install some learning games for my 8 year old. Where can I find them? Any help you can give me would be GREAT!!! thank you!

  5. Evan says:

    Hey Mr. TigerOSX! I found your blog recently and OMG THANK YOU!!! I cannot believe someone cares this much about the old 10.4! I am a bit of a geek and so I was browsing around my local savers just looking at all the weird and interesting things people had just given up on and donated. And then… I saw it! It was a iMac G3, just sitting with the other more expensive computers. I was immediately attracted to it because I remember using iMac’s in 1st and 2nd grade in my schools computer lab. I checked the price and… $35! That’s not bad considering some of the prices on eBay being $50-$200! Unfortunately, it didn’t come with anything… no keyboard, no mouse, no power cord, and… no OS. I bought it and lugged it home. I found out which variant of iMac it was and saw that the most recent OS it could run was… OSX 10.4.11 Tiger! I managed to fine a copy on the internet and burned it to a DVD, plugged in my Hand Dandy USB DVD Drive, and was off and running. I have since managed to get multiple emulators running and got TenFourFox installed, and am working on installing Panzer General, and a few other games. I know you have a family to take care of and everything, but I hope to see some more post on this blog in the future!

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