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Um.. hello? Anyone there?

I admit, I had never expected to post anything on this blog again. But then again life goes it’s own way. I has been 3 1/2 years since my farewell post and guess what, our “obsolete” Tiger machines are still … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces #3

Time for another bits & pieces! I’ve been fairly busy (again), a big project at work keeps me from spending too much time on the internet. However, I came across this interesting piece from a former intel employee in which … Continue reading

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A KVM switch to the rescue…

This isn’t specifically related to Tiger, though I find that it might be of interest for some of you. Being averse to a cluttered desk I decided to buy a KVM switch. k/v/m stands for keyboard, video and mouse. It’s … Continue reading

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A word of warning: Beware OCZ SSDs …

Recently I had the “pleasure” of acquiring one of OCZ’s Solid-State-Drives (SSD). A Vertex Plus 30GB to be precisely. I also ordered a 3,5″ mounting frame so that the 2,5″ SSD would fit into my PowerMac G5 drive slot. As … Continue reading

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Bits and Pieces #2

As you may have guessed from the missing blog posts over the past three weeks, I’ve been fairly busy. Yes, again. Reason number one was that I discovered the blog of my fellow PowerPC user Dan. I had to read … Continue reading

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Bits and pieces #1

I decided that from time to time I’ll pack all the little info that I got my hands on in one single “bits and pieces” entry. I’d like to start our new tradition by pointing out Amit Singhs excellent article … Continue reading

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My old buddy, PowerBook G4

Today I’d like to introduce you to my old buddy, Mr. PowerBook G4. We’ve been good friends for a looong time. Until now, I haven‘t managed to write about it and entirely focussed on telling y‘all about my Dual 2 … Continue reading

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