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Monolingual – put Tiger on diet

Before getting into today’s topic I’d like to thank all of you commenters. Honestly, I would have been surprised getting a single answer at all but seeing so many people still replying after all those years is amazing. Big thumbs … Continue reading

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My favorite office suite: Apple Works 6

Today I’d like to post about my favorite office suite which I still use up to this day, even though it has long since discontinued: Apple Works, formerly known as ClarisWorks. Apple had renamed the office suite after reintegrating its … Continue reading

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Nomen est Omen – Super Duper

If you happen to know Latin you may guess that I’m going to sing the praises of something now. And you’re quite right, because Super Duper is really super duper. Super Duper! is one of the best utilities for the … Continue reading

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Instant Messaging & 10.4 Tiger

Back when I was a kid, I always smiled about how grown-ups were so dismissive of computers and all the new IT-technology in general. “I don’t need this new stuff, I’ll keep on writing on my typewriter“. I told myself … Continue reading

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Elegance vs. performance

During the years, I have run Mac OS 10.4 on a lot of Mac hardware. Starting from my old iMac G3 DV SE (400 Mhz) up to my PowerMac G5 (late 2005). I’ve always been satisfied with the performance, probably … Continue reading

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DragThing – one utility to rule them all

Today I’m gonna tell you about one of my favorite utilities for Tiger. Frankly, I have never been too happy with Apple’s dock in OSX. While everyone cheered Apple for the introduction of it, I always felt it was too … Continue reading

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