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Emulation – turn your PowerPC Mac into a time travelling machine

Admittedly, I’ve never been a big fan of emulation. I always prefered the “real thing”. Two things have recently changed my opinion: Lack of money/place and a new Super Nintendo style USB controller. Many people don’t know, but there are … Continue reading

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Open Source Games for 10.4 Tiger

Open Source is a cool concept. Open Source games are even cooler, because they let you change all the parameters you’d like. There wasn’t really much of a big open source games scene on the Mac in the past, however, … Continue reading

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DragThing – one utility to rule them all

Today I’m gonna tell you about one of my favorite utilities for Tiger. Frankly, I have never been too happy with Apple’s dock in OSX. While everyone cheered Apple for the introduction of it, I always felt it was too … Continue reading

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It was six years ago…

Time sure flies by. Wasn’t it just yesterday, when Apple launched Mac OSX Tiger (or simply: 10.4) for our Macintosh computers? I remember April 29th, 2005. I was one of the “early adaptors” of Tiger. The initial version was still … Continue reading

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